Butler Area's Hottest Classic Rock & Blues Band


About Us...

Full Circle would like to take a moment to tell you a little about the band. Full Circle is Butler area's hottest classic rock and blues band period. Yeah there are alot of great bands in this area, but we do it the Full Circle way. Our shows are energetic, full of your favorite music and ALWAYS fun and you never know who might be joining us on stage. Full Circle has a vast circle of friends and fellow musicians that always seem to show up to add a little extra. We love it and so do our fans!

Who Are They?

Butch Fredley - Guitarist and Vocalist, is chomping at the bit for 2012 to get here to see if the end really is near! Being a heavy equipment operator by day, he has secretly been digging a bomb shelter for the band just in case and said "No matter what happens, Full Circle will rock on". He's currently at 1400 feet deep and we think that's plenty but it keeps him out of trouble so rock on Butchie!

Andy Hughes - Lead Guitar player and budding vocalist, is churning out the finger bleeding leads that only he can do. In Andy's spare time, he volunteers as a teacher for the musically impared and sacrifices his hearing and patience for the good of all mankind. While preparing for the 2012 gigs, Andy travelled to China to study music theory under Master Sum Dumm Guy and said he's prepared to bring our audiences to tears in 2012 and then muttered something about the "Brown Note".....have to wait and see!

Joe Harry - Bassist and Vocalist, is has been hard at it writing his autobiography to place in the Full Circle bunker. Last time I looked he was up to 12,354 pages and he said he was just getting started so it should be really good! He informed us that he's included all the juicy bits to and not to steal his thunder but here are a few snipits. "January 9, 1965, 11:37am - My head hurt so I took asprin"., "June 17, 1982, 6:53pm -UMMMMM raman noodles again". I mean wow, that's deep stuff Joe and we cant wait for the finished version!

Brian McNany - Drummer and Vocalist, is also preparing for impending doom by searching out two of everything just like Noah's Ark. He started with two Blondes, Two Brunettes, Two Redheads and then found Two 36d, Two 34b, Two 32a and so on....we like the direction he's headed and should make for a nice addition to the "Bunker". Applications to be included in the "guest list" are taken at each and every upcoming show. Just get our attention by flashing your breasts and we will make sure your on the list! 

UNtil next time........MAC


What We Do...

  • Full Circle is available for any event.
  • We service the bar and club scene.
  • We provide entertainment for private parties, holiday parties, graduations, weddings, divorces or anything else you might want to celebrate!
  • We even provide DJ services and offer a wedding package that provides live music as well as DJ services to cover every guests request.
  • Call Butch for more details about booking your private event today! Hurry up too because our availabities go fast!


We are currently updating our website so stop back often to see whats happening!

To Book Full Circle

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